Pile of assorted Japanese artbooks

At one moment I went on a shopping spree and order for myself  a ton of different artbooks from Japan. Total number were seven and it weigh four kilogram so I asked them to throw it all in one package and send through EMS service. I don’t have another choice, actually, because it was so heavy that it exceed SAL limitations. And it was full bloom artbook fest when it all came to me. I spent like a two hours to just glance through all of it. Some time ago, there were posts on my Twitter account with some photos of random pages that I thought were interesting. So now I will post all those photos in this post with short comments (probably I take it from my Twitter also). So lets start with looking at all the books that waiting for us today!

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Wave “Beach Queens” – Kommandant Miho Nishizumi

And once again I added to my collection another “Beach Queens” figure from Wave. This time it’s Miho Nishizumi from the last year sleeping hit anime series “Girls und Panzer”. So today we will look at how good Wave made our beloved tank commander into a PVC figure.


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My underclassman can’t be this cute in the swimsuit – Kuroneko by Kotobukiya

Today I’ll show you the latest addition to my collection of cute PVC girls – Kuroneko (or Gokou Ruri) from anime series “My Little Sister Can`t Be This Cute”. This figure come in the right time as the second season of said series is airing right now in spring of 2013.

But first, I want to apologize for quality of the photos in this post cause I took them late in the evening with four different light sources and screwed up white balance pretty badly.

Oh well, lets get back to our lovely Kuroneko and look thoroughly at her rendition by Kotobukiya.


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Griffon Enterprises – Youmu Konpaku (Korindo ver.)

This time I got for myself this very lovely rendition of one cute little half-ghost gardener – Youmu Konpaku. Not every manufacturer make Touhou’s figurines and Griffon Enterprises one of those you can get them from. Also, it’s my first figure from Griffon too, so we will see how good they are in terms sculpturing and painting. Youmu 1 Continue reading

Wave “Beach Queens” – Mikazuki Yozora (Short hair ver.)

 Okay, lets change topic from anime to something a little different. For example. anime figurines! Not a totally different thing but please, bear with me for a while. Today I’d like to show you one of the latest addition to my steadily growing collection of little cute PVC girls. It is the main heroine of popular light novel and anime series “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai” (“I don’t have many friends”) – Mikazuki Yozora. By pure coincidence second season of said anime is broadcasting right now in winter season and due to good sales numbers of the first season, AIC spend a little bit more money this time, so all the girls are ends up super cute. Original art for novels was done by Buriki, who, by my opinion, excels at drawing characters that are really cute and exceptionally sexy at the same time.

But, lets go back to figure in question and find out how well Wave did its rendition of our antisocial bully, who is desperate to become closer to her childhood friend.


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Stax SR-40 electret headphones

I already told you about my electrostatic headphones in previous post and now it’s time to look at another very interesting headphones from Stax that was made roughly at the same time. SR-40 is not an electrostatic headphones but “electret” ones. It’s very similar to electrostatics, only membrane there is thicker and already hold an electric charge to react in static field. With precharged membrane there is no need for addition electricity circuit just for build up a static charge, so it helps to reduce production cost. Beside it, electret technology considered inferior to electrostatics. Actually, all those electret headphones from Stax are dirt-cheap compared to more elaborate electrostatics and you can get them from Ebay for mere 50$-100$. So I decided that it’s not too expensive and have got one for myself.


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