Study of variety of casual clothes in Japanese animation (on example of Joshiraku)

This summer I had a pleasure to watch a very controversial show about cute rakugo girls doing cute things with heavy amount of puns, language jokes and obscure references. It sparks a little bit of drama in the fandom cause many views this anime as one strictly aimed at local Japanese viewers and those westerners who liked it were accused of being weeaboo of tremendous level. And they partly right about it. If you’re didn’t live in Tokyo for at least ten years and know nothing about local lifestyle, politics and all those nice little restaurants in Harajuku, ninety percent of jokes would surely fly over your head. But if you spend past five years watching Japanese cartoons then amount of incomprehensible stuff easily drops below tolerable level of twenty or so percent.

But what catches my attention the most is the middle segment of each episode, where our girls go out in town, wearing different clothes each time. So lets look a little closer at fashion sense of our cute rakugo performers.

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First post and introduction

Yes, I have my own personal blog now, where I can write about headphones, photography, cute girls with swords and guns.

Also, there will be some stuff that I translate from English to my native language – Russian. I’ll try to write some episode review of Japanese animation, started right from summer season of 2012. That’s it. Have a fun reading.

And I will probably end this post with a picture of a cute girl…
…with a sword, of course.