God of Misfortune #1 – God of flatness vs Titty monster

My next show will probably become hidden gem of the summer season. It is a manga adaptation by Sunrise starring Hana Kanazawa as VA for main heroine. Sunrise in the past year have made bunch of good titles like Tiger & Bunny in previous spring, Horizon in autumn (and second season in this summer), Nichibros in winter and Accel World in this spring. So I think it is safe to assume that Binbougami ga!(God of Misfortune) will not fail miserably. Rather, it can become one of the best comedy of this summer. For me, this anime look a lot like Nyaruko-san, with similar silver-haired, green-eyed heroine and style of humor, but without Nyaruko’s tons of references to other titles and Cthulhu myths.

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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse #1 – Not so alternative

Another new show from summer season is a visual novel adaptation by Satelight (they previously made titles like Macross, Amagami SS, Aquarion, Infinite Stratos and Symphogear). Muv-luv Alternative  is apparently quite popular among VN fans, so it even become the most highly rated title in vndb.org database. This rating is probably justified by high amount of young girls in very skimpy battle suits riding huge shiny giant robots. It’s also key feature of Infinite Stratos so I will make some parallels with it.

 When humans landed on the Moon…

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