Wave “Beach Queens” – Mary Buratei

This time we have one more figure from Beach Queens series made by Wave Corp. And once again it’s the best character from its respective series – Buratei Mary from 2013 summer true anime connoisseurs treat, Joshiraku.

As I already wrote, I really liked this show despite it being heavy loaded with tough jokes that require viewers to be actual Japanese people. But either way, let’s talk about figure instead. With this being swimsuit series of figurines, can Mary prove that she is clearly not a boy?

Mary2 Mary3 Mary4

Figure come in the usual for this line bright white box with colorful illustrations on each side. For this time, illustrations quit close resemble the figure inside, from colors to face expression. So, good job on that, Wave.

Mary5 Mary6 Mary7

I do write it every time and, with no surprise to anyone, figure protected by the clear plastic case inside the cardboard box. In separate compartments there are floating ring, folding fan and different ponytail with low-hang bow.


From watching anime series we know that our heroines are above twenty years old (except Kigu, who is still in high school), so it must be tough for Mary to live with such a modest breast size.

Mary9 Mary10 Mary11 Mary12 Mary13 Mary14 Mary15

After we just saw Mary from every angle, I’d like to ask where is the famous “Mongolian Spot” that, according to anime, should be somewhere on Mary’s butt? Is it hiding under her panties?

Mary16 Mary17 Mary18 Mary19 Mary20

And those are the shots with supplied floating ring that doing perfect job covering back side of Mary’s totally adult, but so schoolgirl-looking body.

Mary21 Mary22 Mary23 Mary24

What a nice, carefully sculptured navel we have there!


Also, very detailed toes! Which didn’t quite get in the focus there. But they are pretty, just trust me.

Maty26 Mary27 Mary28 Mary29 Mary30 Mary30

Both here and in the anime Mary has that strange, but cute “ahoge” (cow lick). Or it’s not ahoge, don’t remember that it wiggle around according to its master emotional state. That’s what all “cow licks” should do to be classified as one.

Mary31 Mary32 Mary33 Mary34 Mary35

What Buratei Mary is your favorite – the one with high tied ponytail or the one with bow at the end? I’m fan of the later. Though, I don’t remember seeing that hairstyle very often (almost never, actually) in real life, but I think it must look pretty awesome. Also, Mary has something like “hime cut” style of haircut, but it’s hard to tell, because most of the time she have it tied.

Mary36 Mary37 Mary38 Mary39

I really like both the show and this figure of Mary. Well, most of the Beach Queens series were pretty good lately, so the only downside there is the absence of Gankyou figure in gothic lolita dress, which I’ll gladly buy, if given a chance.
All the pictures are taken with my trusty Nikon D50 DSLR using little bit unusual AF Nikkor 35-135mm f/3.5-4.5 Macro zoom lens from early nineties.
Not so long ago I bought for myself new and shiny Nikon D600 full-frame 24Mp DSLR, so all future figure shots will be taken with it. Stay tune!

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