Summer 2012 Final thoughts

Yuru Yuri S2

Everything better with older sisters!

If you already saw first season than second one is essentially the same thing – good light comedy about girls doing funny things with lesbians undertones. Without any forced drama it was a guaranteed weakly dose of humor. This season Gainax introduce siblings for many girls, so we finally saw Akari’s older sister Akane and very cute Chinatsu’ sister. Flat squad of Sakurako’s sisters also make its appearance. And I must say that all this Himawari x Sakurako centric episodes was clearly the high point of second season. Through lack of screentime for my lovely Ayano is little disappointing. So if you like first season then second is must see, otherwise it’s also worth to check if you like good comedy.

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Humanity has Declined #11-12 – Post-apocalyptic school violence (End)

Final arc of this show take us even earlier in time when Watashi just started attend school. She was already quite old for elementary school but due to tradition must go through every grade from first to last. Back then Watashi already posses that snarky and unsociable personality so she devote herself fully to studying and advancing grades. Apparently, faeries was not so common at this time and when Watashi capture one and bring home, it was hard for them both to make acquaintance.

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