Wave “Beach Queens” – Mikazuki Yozora (Short hair ver.)

 Okay, lets change topic from anime to something a little different. For example. anime figurines! Not a totally different thing but please, bear with me for a while. Today I’d like to show you one of the latest addition to my steadily growing collection of little cute PVC girls. It is the main heroine of popular light novel and anime series “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai” (“I don’t have many friends”) – Mikazuki Yozora. By pure coincidence second season of said anime is broadcasting right now in winter season and due to good sales numbers of the first season, AIC spend a little bit more money this time, so all the girls are ends up super cute. Original art for novels was done by Buriki, who, by my opinion, excels at drawing characters that are really cute and exceptionally sexy at the same time.

But, lets go back to figure in question and find out how well Wave did its rendition of our antisocial bully, who is desperate to become closer to her childhood friend.


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