Stax “New SR-3” Electrostatic Headphones

This piece of fine audio equipment is electrostatic headphones that was made back in 1970-s by Stax company in Japan. Electrostatic headphones use completely different technology to produce sound than conventional headphones. Instead of electric coil glued to sound cone that moves in magnetic field, they use static electricity to move charged membrane of few micron thick between two perforated electrodes. So there is no magnetic field, only static electricity. You can read many additional info here. Stax invented the technology back in 1950-s and produced first electrostatic headphones in 1960 and till now they continue to make them. Stax new top model SR-009 that came out in 2011 cost around 5000$. But headphones from 1960 is still available through Ebay where you can get them for couple hundreds. I actually did just that and now lets look what I have got.

DSC_2999When I get it over Ebay it even came with original boxes!

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Summer 2012 Final thoughts

Yuru Yuri S2

Everything better with older sisters!

If you already saw first season than second one is essentially the same thing – good light comedy about girls doing funny things with lesbians undertones. Without any forced drama it was a guaranteed weakly dose of humor. This season Gainax introduce siblings for many girls, so we finally saw Akari’s older sister Akane and very cute Chinatsu’ sister. Flat squad of Sakurako’s sisters also make its appearance. And I must say that all this Himawari x Sakurako centric episodes was clearly the high point of second season. Through lack of screentime for my lovely Ayano is little disappointing. So if you like first season then second is must see, otherwise it’s also worth to check if you like good comedy.

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Humanity has Declined #11-12 – Post-apocalyptic school violence (End)

Final arc of this show take us even earlier in time when Watashi just started attend school. She was already quite old for elementary school but due to tradition must go through every grade from first to last. Back then Watashi already posses that snarky and unsociable personality so she devote herself fully to studying and advancing grades. Apparently, faeries was not so common at this time and when Watashi capture one and bring home, it was hard for them both to make acquaintance.

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Study of variety of casual clothes in Japanese animation (on example of Joshiraku)

This summer I had a pleasure to watch a very controversial show about cute rakugo girls doing cute things with heavy amount of puns, language jokes and obscure references. It sparks a little bit of drama in the fandom cause many views this anime as one strictly aimed at local Japanese viewers and those westerners who liked it were accused of being weeaboo of tremendous level. And they partly right about it. If you’re didn’t live in Tokyo for at least ten years and know nothing about local lifestyle, politics and all those nice little restaurants in Harajuku, ninety percent of jokes would surely fly over your head. But if you spend past five years watching Japanese cartoons then amount of incomprehensible stuff easily drops below tolerable level of twenty or so percent.

But what catches my attention the most is the middle segment of each episode, where our girls go out in town, wearing different clothes each time. So lets look a little closer at fashion sense of our cute rakugo performers.

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S2 #10 – Armada battle (part two)

New episode is ready to supply us with continuation of the duels between students of Ariadust and Oxford that have been starting in previous one to clear path for Tenzou to his unavoidable, highly dramatic confession scene with Mary.

First of those fights is Neshinbara versus Shakespeare-chan, with latter actually suffer from split personality mental disorder caused also by our 13th fanfic writer who left her alone when they were kids. To pay Neshinbara for her lonely childhood she at first use Macbeth play but soon switch to one of her greater creation – King Leare. Nobody can predicts that it will create giant magical warrior fighting tiny Tousaint. He then only manage to counter this spell with offering his own novel to gods for protection, that come in shape of another giant to match Shakespeare’s one.


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