Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S2 #10 – Armada battle (part two)

New episode is ready to supply us with continuation of the duels between students of Ariadust and Oxford that have been starting in previous one to clear path for Tenzou to his unavoidable, highly dramatic confession scene with Mary.

First of those fights is Neshinbara versus Shakespeare-chan, with latter actually suffer from split personality mental disorder caused also by our 13th fanfic writer who left her alone when they were kids. To pay Neshinbara for her lonely childhood she at first use Macbeth play but soon switch to one of her greater creation – King Leare. Nobody can predicts that it will create giant magical warrior fighting tiny Tousaint. He then only manage to counter this spell with offering his own novel to gods for protection, that come in shape of another giant to match Shakespeare’s one.


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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S2 #8 – Half-naked diplomatics

New episode continue from point when Gin and Velasquez enters throne room where meeting of Ariadust and Oxford academies was held to state Tres Espania’s disagreement with alliance that is about to be formed between England and Far East.

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Humanity has Declined #9 – SimCity (Fairy edition)

New episode of Jintai broke tradition of two episodes per arc and cramp whole story into single one. This time we witness Watashi get drag into a conflict between fairies which led to expelling of one  fairies’ group from local Camphorwood community. And now our UN Mediator must help them find their new home.

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