Wave “Beach Queens” – Kommandant Miho Nishizumi

And once again I added to my collection another “Beach Queens” figure from Wave. This time it’s Miho Nishizumi from the last year sleeping hit anime series “Girls und Panzer”. So today we will look at how good Wave made our beloved tank commander into a PVC figure.


The box for this figure follows the usual style for Beach Queens series with white background and bright, high key illustrations. There is also second background color for the inside of the box that differs for each figure and for Miho this color is light shade of pink.


As always there is clear plastic enclosure inside the box that protect your figure and all the addition parts (like stand and that cute little sand tank in this case) during the transportation.


But for now, lets remove it and look closely at what kind of swimwear tank commanders usually wears to a beach.


Wow, what  a nice pink bikini you have there, Miho! Lets move away the tank so it won’t block the view and look from all other sides.

Miho11 Miho12 Miho13 Miho14

Well, Miho is a healthy girl and that bikini bottom looks a little bit small for her. Not that I complaining or something. But, lets look even closer this time.


I like the facial expression on this figure. Also, the eyes looks almost the same as in the anime.

Miho17 Miho18 Miho19 Miho20 Miho21 Miho24

Overall, painting job looks decent with just a few flaws mostly on swimsuit while face and body looks perfect. If you take in consideration that Beach Queens is rather cheap series, Wave did great job with this figure. Miho22

Lets not forget to look at those cute little feet of our tank commander. Miho actually has light pink nail polish on her toes, but I forgot to take picture so you will have to believe me on that.

Miho26 Miho27

And somebody needs to inform me about what kind of tank Miho build there, because I don’t remember anything like that with twin cannons.

Miho28 Miho30 Miho33

So here it is! I quite like this figure and will probably get for myself others girls from Girls und Panzer in PVC form. If you already familiar with Beach Queens series of figures from Wave than this one is the same – small, cute and inexpensive. So you don’t have any excuses to not own one.

All pictures were taken with my trusty Nikon D50 with outstanding AF Nikkor 35-135mm f:3.5-4.5 Macro Zoom lens.

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