Wave “Beach Queens” – Mikazuki Yozora (Short hair ver.)

 Okay, lets change topic from anime to something a little different. For example. anime figurines! Not a totally different thing but please, bear with me for a while. Today I’d like to show you one of the latest addition to my steadily growing collection of little cute PVC girls. It is the main heroine of popular light novel and anime series “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai” (“I don’t have many friends”) – Mikazuki Yozora. By pure coincidence second season of said anime is broadcasting right now in winter season and due to good sales numbers of the first season, AIC spend a little bit more money this time, so all the girls are ends up super cute. Original art for novels was done by Buriki, who, by my opinion, excels at drawing characters that are really cute and exceptionally sexy at the same time.

But, lets go back to figure in question and find out how well Wave did its rendition of our antisocial bully, who is desperate to become closer to her childhood friend.


As you probably already know, Japanese people and English language often don’t cooperate well with each other. Numerous mistakes appears here and there, but Wave choose to fight it by limiting English words to essential minimum.

Yozora2We know that hiragana usually pronounce as “ha”, but when same hiragana used in sentence as a topic marker, it should be read as “wa”. Japanese insist on translating it as “ha” there. Well, I don’t happen to have English as my native language either to complain, but I hope they will change it someday.

Yozora3Illustrations on the box are really well done. It’s my first figure from Wave Corp. actually and box leave a very good first impression.

Yozora4Also, Yozora family name translated to English as “Mikaduki” which also bugs me a little because characters in anime themselves don’t pronounce it that way. How they manage to translate づ (zu/dzu) as “du” is beyond my understanding.


Lets take protective plastic enclosure out of the box and look closer at our figure.

Yozora6Figure not only protected by plastic case, but also wrapped in plastic film. All figures that I own came to me wrapped in the same manner so it’s basically an ordinary practice now.

Yozora6Many criticize Wave for their inability to do facial expression right, but as for now it looks pretty much okay.

Yozora7With figure also come stand that should resemble beach and sand on it. Later we will look at the texture of this stand closer.

Yozora8I don’t remember that her legs was this long in anime but either way, she looks gorgeous.

Yozora9Yep, legs are obviously too long and straight for ordinary Japanese high school girl. But it’s anime and not an accurate depiction of real life so don’t worry guys, I’m just being picky here.

Yozora10If I remember correctly, Yozora wear similar swimsuit in the first season, but it was red, not black. I’d like to say that this color looks better on her.

Yozora11Usually Yozora described as a girl with small chest who is very insecure about it, but anime and figure rendition prove otherwise. If you compare her to Sena, then she is clearly at disadvantage, though.


From this side her face looks pretty close to what we usually see in anime.

Yozora13From the other side it’s actually leave kinda strange impression. It’s little bit off, but not terribly so.

Yozora14Fans of an armpits sure will be delighted.

Yozora15Once again, lets look at those beautiful slim and long legs.

Yozora16And lets not forget Yozora’s navel.

Yozora17Toes also carefully sculptured, but overall quality is still not on par with figures from Good Smile Company or Alter.

Yozora18This is kinda weird angle but still, Wave is not that bad at sculpturing as many people prefer to think.

Yozora19Skin tones are really great in this figure, very smooth and natural.

DSC_3080There are some paint marks here and there, but it’s hard to complain about small imperfection at this price point.

Yozora21Nails, being roughly one millimeter in size each, also painted individually.

Yozora22Again, I took this picture at angle that we rarely see in anime.

Yozora23I don’t remember that we saw Yozora in swimsuit from this point in anime (I probably should rewatch that beach episode from the first season), but damn! I’m sure like what I see here!

Yozora24We already saw pretty much everything from Sena, but anime definitely need more Yozora fanservice too!

Yozora25I remember that scene with Sena on a ladder in the pool and now I demand the same eyecandy treatment for Yozora too!

Yozora26I, personally, don’t have any foot fetishes, but I can easily agree that her feet are sculptured very well.


There never could be too many ties on a girl swimsuit.

Yozora28There is actually another Yozora figure in Wave line-up. It’s long hair version which looks pretty much identically, except hair length and color of swimsuit (it’s red, as we saw in anime).

Yozora29I have many similar pics, but will not post them all, cause it’s probably too boring for you.

Yozora30If there are people who into knee pits out there, then this figurine cater to their needs too.

Yozora31It’s probably my second most liked angle for this figure.

Yozora32This short hair version was made by Wave in 2012 and its first run was ready for shipping in November the same year.

Yozora33That’s probably the most awkward angle at which she looks not much like herself. But it always will be a tough challenge to transform 2D character into 3D sculpture faithfully to its original.

Yozora34It’s official price was 3.990 Yen at the time of first production run, but I got it from Hobby Search for only 3.230 Yen (plus 680 Yen for basic SAL shipping) which I consider pretty cheap. It still in stock, so apparently she is not overly popular.


Final impression: while it’s not on par with figures from Good Smile Company or Alter in terms of complexity and overall quality, it’s still very lovely figure for reasonable amount of money. Wave is known for kinda odd face expressions on some of their figurines, but it’s not the case with this one.

All pictures was taken with my trusty Nikon D50 with outstanding AF Nikkor 35-135mm f:3.5-4.5 Macro Zoom lens.

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